ekt A

Doom rolled
in Glitter

Ein animierter Kurzfilm inspiriert von dem Gedicht "What a wonderful way to go" von Leena Norms

"a gray world so preocupied with its persuit of color that they are unable to see the harm it is causing them."


Storyboard mit farbakzent ideen

Das Gedicht:

What a wonderful way to go,
that we loved the world too much to speak of its going,
and us with it, ravelled up in each other;
the daily fireworks of lunch boxes lost
and long fights about tea towels, talk of
apocalypse mislaid among the school trip
forms and well-thumbed books about
star-crossed dramas between two small
skeletons who only wished for the other to live.

What a wonderful way to go,
the kind of denial that has a tenderness to it.
Let the future dead plains know that we
were too vigorously wrapped up
in each other to look up at the sky
and notice the damp spots there,
for when you are in love you don't have time
to spare to hark to landlords about
light fittings. There will always be time.

What a wonderful way to go,
and awful too; the lavish child who launches
rockets while bodies writhe in the streets,
and fingerpaints forevers onto crumbling
walls; the way we crown the five people
closest to our face and forget the rest.
And so the moon blinks, disappointed
but not surprised, leaves through the back door,
hoping his next stop will really last.

— Leena Norms, "Bargain Bin Rom-Com" S.40


animierte skizzen

tech issues

ich benutze eigentlich die Plugins „Shadow Studio 2“ und „Deep Glow“ für einige Licht, Schatten und Farbeffekte, habe alldings Schwierigkeiten mit dem export/handeling in After Effects, da andauernd bugs auftauchen die das Material unbrauchbar machen

wie es aussehen sollte
im export